Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Journey To Graduate School 1

I recently blogged about my confusion whether to go to Graduate School or not and if you are one of my beautiful regular readers, you would also know that I received a lot of encouragements from you. And thanks to that, and to my husband's "insistence", I am gathering up all my courage to have a go at it.

I can already imagine myself looking like this guy!
Minus the bald head of course! Hehe!

But first things first. I must take a TOEFL test since it is one of the major requirements to be entered into the program. And I have decided to do the TOEFL test, which is internet-based, it today. Please wish me luck that I will pass it!

Also, since I am not around today, please bear with me. I appreciate it so much that you left me comments. I promise to get back to you and leave comments on your blogs as well when I get back from the test...

So, later y' all!
Have a wonderful and LOVE-filled weekend!


Seiko said...

I'm sure you can do it.Kaya mo yan.Good luck sa test mo!Warm hugs!

Happy Love-filled Weekend!:D

Chris said...

how much does the TOEFL exam cost?

anyway, i wish you the best... and whatever the outcome, God has it all planed for you! :D

I am sure you will do well...

lolit said...

i wish u all the luck, go for it, before u know it, it's done, time passes by so quickly. goodluck.

Genefaith said...

praying for your test marce. I know you can make it:) Happy Valentine's day!!!

riablahgs said...

Good luck and bring home the bacon!

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