Thursday, February 25, 2010

Because I Love

Today's theme for Girls Talk is "Describe yourself as a lover."

Now, this has really got me thinking because it is quite hard for me to describe myself as a lover. Hehe! So here's my take for this week's theme:

I would always put my loved one's welfare first above everything else,
because I love.
I am always patient and understanding of my loved one's ways,
because I love.
I accept my loved one for who he is, his entire being, the past notwithstanding,
because I love.
I embrace my loved one's iniquities and weaknesses and turn it into a strength,
because I love.
I am never quick to anger but would erupt when my filled to the brim,
because I love.
I devote my time, myself, my whole being to my loved one,
because I love.
I can give up everything I have and everything I am for my loved one,
because I love.
I would go out of my usual just to please my loved one,
because I love.
I am fiercely loyal to my loved one,
because I love.
I can get pretty jealous when the situation calls for it,
because I love.
I became whole and complete because I love.


jo.frougal said...

Wow Kikamz this is awesome! Your family is blessed to have you love them!

darly said...

lurve the last part "I became whole and complete, because I love".... gave me goosebumps because its exactly how i feel too.

Check out mine, its up too:)

Uy lapit na birthday ng daughters natin.

Chris said...

wow... great post!!!

niko said...

aw. you are so sweet kamz!!

niko said...

and you made this poem just for GT?
naku hub is so lucky to have you!!!

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