Friday, August 1, 2008

August Is...

Sigh! It is August already... This time of the year means a lot to me for a number of reasons.

FIrst: Papa's birthday. He is turning a year older this year - 58 to be exact and I won't be home to celebrate it with him. But always know that even if I'm far from home, I'll always be your little Akay. I miss you, pa.

Second: Kadayawan Festival in Davao City. I miss the street dancing, live bands at MTS, durian eating at Magsaysay Park or at Durian City in Torres, floral float parade. WIsh I can witness this event next year!

Third: Obon Season. With the Obon season coming in, it means another long holiday for dad. The company he works for follows a different calendar when it comes to holidays so that they can have longer vacations during the major holiday seasons here in Japan (Golden Week, Winter, and Obon). And I am so looking forward to the trips ahead. So excited!

But what is Obon? The Japanese believe that during this time of year, their dead ancestors come to visit them. There are many rituals pertaining to this weeklong celebration and is mostly culminated with a Bon Odori (folkdance) and the lighting of lanterns and letting them flow to the rivers.

Fourth: Sam turns six months on the 28th.. Will be watching out for her milestones from this day on. I can already imagine her turning over, sitting upright, babbling... even now, whenever I give her a funny face, she would smile as if she got my joke.

Fifth: The 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Only seven days more to go and the Beijing Olympics will begin. Athletes from all around the globe will contend for that much-coveted Olympic Gold Medal. I will be sure to watch the figure skating, gymnastics, swimming, and the other competitions via cable TV. Thank God for cable TV's and satellite feeds!  I wonder which country will host the 2016 Olympics? I hope that Japan wins for the host country so that we can watch the competitions live.

This month has got lots of surprises in store... I am sure of that. I may even be inspired to write more posts for this blog should time permit. Yes, I am keeping that positive attitude just because... it's August.

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