Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Can $25 Buy?

If you win $25 from a post contest and you can buy or do anything with it, what would it be? Well, I have prepared a short list on what I wanted to have and/or do with my $25 or lesser just in case I get lucky.

First Prize ($25): A new toy for my baby Sam who is turning 6months on the 28th.

Second Prize ($15): I am feeling adventurous and would love a skateboard! Extreme games here I come! Lol!

Third Prize ($5): A microslim booklight so that I can read anywhere even if it is dark!

Special Prize ($15): A cat I can rub my feet on.

So, just where will I get the money for all these? will take care of it... I mean, he will provide the cash should I be lucky enough to win. With a total of $60 up for grabs, I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am hoping to get any of the four prizes just so I can get a hold of at least one item on my list.

Oh, well. Wish me luck!

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