Friday, August 29, 2008

Google Maps Just Got Better

Are you a fond user of Google Maps? You must have noticed something new with it... Care to guess what I mean? Oh, yes, you got it right! It's the newest addition to google maps' fine features: the StreetView.

I am lucky to live in one of the world's developed countries and enjoy the conveniences of modern technology - one of which is Google Maps. And it just got better!

With the usual features, you can search and locate some place by entering the adress, telephone number or postal code. With the streetview feature, you can:

1. actually view level photographs from select cities
2. take vitual walks using the pan, rotate and zoom tools
3. explore cityscapes, landmarks and other points of interest
4. find shops, restaurants, parks, hotels and more.

[caption id="attachment_108" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Where we used to live - This is a screenshot of our apartment using Google Maps' Streetview feature. "]Where we used to live - This is a screenshot of our apartment using Google Maps' Streetview feature. [/caption]

It's  like being familiar with the place so that you won't appear ignorant when you get there. And what's cooler, when you click on the street which you have chosen, you get to see a 360° view of the street - the neighborhood, how the buildings look like, the landmarks.Â

Unfortunately, this feature is only available in select cities and countries like Australia, United States, Europe and Japan. Hopefully, Google Maps will be able to cover all parts of the world with this feature. It will take some time though judging by the images that you receive - zoomable and a 360° view.

So if you want to go abroad but don't have the airfare or if are going somewhere for the first time, and are too stubborn to ask for directions, the Streetview might just be what you need! You can take on those tours at the comfort of your home. And it's the next best thing to a car navigation system.

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