Friday, August 22, 2008

Phelps Is A Fish

The Beijing Olympics 2008 saw USA bagging 29 Gold Medals, 8 of which was won by no other than legend swimmer Michael Phelps. Who would believe that the US swimmer who had difficulties focusing in his younger years would be one of the greatest athletes of our time? I bet only a number of you would.

Michael indeed is a fish! In the swimming event alone, he made history by breaking the records in the Men's 100m & 200m Freestyle, Men's 100m & 200m Butterfly, Men's 200m & 400m Individual Medley. Who could beat that! I guess only the seahorse could. Hehe!

So what can we expect of Michael Phelps now that the Beijing Olympics 2008 are over? Well, watch out for him in TV commercials, sports magazines, billboards, and even your cereal boxes!

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