Monday, August 4, 2008

Baby Essentials

When it comes to baby stuff, I don`t settle for anything less. I make sure that our Sam receives the best -- and when I say best, it means of good quality and a trusted name in the baby industry. Of course, we don`t mean to spoil her, and I don`t intend to. We just want our baby to grow healthy and strong and safe that`s why we buy her stuff with brands that have been tested and tried in the market.

The following are just some of the baby brands that I trust:

Pigeon - Pigeon has always been BIG on little things. In the market for more than 50 years now, it has a wide selection of products ranging from breastfeeding and breast care to nursing bottles, toiletries, baby wipes, health care, cleaning and sterilization, magmags, pacifiers and teethers, and a whole lot more. Pigeon products are designed to suit your baby's age so that as you baby grows bigger and bigger, Pigeon grows with him or her too. Sam's feeding bottles, pacifier & teether, wipes, baby bath, and cleaning and sterilization are all from Pigeon. Luckily for us, we are living here in Japan and Pigeon products are always available everywhere.

Combi -  When we started going on those family trips, mobility and comfort for Sam has been a priority. So before going on those trips, we bought her a baby stroller from Combi. We considered the following in choosing her stroller: lightweight, one-touch opening, multiple reclining angles of the baby seat, safe and can be easily navigated. The EX Combi Gran Paseo was just the perfect one for Sam.

Morinaga E-Akachan - What do you feed your baby? Breastmilk or formula milk? While it is very true that breastmilk is still the best for babies, some mommies just aren't lucky enough to breastfeed their babies. I was lucky to have been given the chance to breastfeed my baby until she was three months old. After three months, my breastmilk sort of just disappeared and so I had to give my baby formula milk. When my hubby and I decided on what formula milk to buy, we made sure that it is hypo-allegenic -- because you never can tell yet whether your baby has certain allergies or not.

Merries - Babies need their nappies to keep them dry and comfortable all day long. I have been using Merries diapers since Sam was born. Even the hospital where Sam was born recommends it. Why Merries? Because it keeps my baby merry. The material used is smooth and light - perfect for the summer season! No rashes. No leaks. Just all the comfort my baby needs.

These are just some of the baby brands and stuff that I trust. How about you, my dear mommies? What baby brands do you trust?

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