Thursday, July 31, 2008

Because They Come Cheap

Cars are aplenty here in Japan. People here change cars as if they are changing clothes. That's why if you want to get your own, you can easily buy a cheap and slightly used one in any of the numerous car shops available. Car brands vary from Subaru to BMW, to Toyota, Nissan and Honda. So if you are one those car fanatics,  Japan is the place to be.

My husband has always wanted to buy us a family car... so that we can easily go on those unplanned trips, move around town anytime we want, and bring Sam along with us wherever and whenever without having to worry about stopping because she wanted to be fed or have her nappy changed. Yesterday, my husband made a very good deal and bought us our first family car - a Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon. It's not yet with us though. We have yet to get our parking space, inform the police about it, and finish some paperwork.

August is fast-approaching, and with the Obon coming up, our newly-acquired car is just right on time! As for the Obon, well, that's another story. ;D

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