Friday, August 29, 2008

New York! New York!

I never thought it would be that grand, that awesome and that busy when I first stepped into the Big Apple's soil... It's incredible how I ended up here.

I remember weeks back that I was talking to my high school bestfriend and found out that she is already in New York with her family. Told me they were going to try it out for a couple of years there and see if they can get a big bite of the apple. Then she asked if I would be interested to come over so that we can go on one of those New York tours. It was such a grand offer that I couldn't refuse her!

And so there I was... totally ignorant of what New York would be like. She told me we were going to NYC Waterfalls. Thinking that it was the outdoors, I brought with me some bathing suit. Hey, it's a waterfall so I might as well get wet and take a dive or dip. I was wondering why we stopped at a concrete jungle with lots of people on bikes. And then she told that this was it: the NYC Waterfalls. Whaaattt??!!! You must be kidding me... Then I saw it - a HUGE monumental waterfall!

So there goes my fantasy of bathing in NYC Waterfall. I did manage to get myself wet, alright. Thanks to my inability to ride a bike, I managed to fall and splash onto the water. Then it all went Splok! I suddenly woke up and found myself in our bedroom...

Geeze! So I was only dreaming... Tsk! Tsk! It all seemed so real. But at least now I have an idea what NYC Waterfalls is. And I also know now where to find online travel guides that will help get the most out of my vacation in the US should we find the time (and the resources) to travel.

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