Thursday, August 21, 2008

At The Park

Our neighborhood has a mini koen (park) where children can play, pet owners can walk their dogs, senior citizens play a game of polo, students practice batting baseballs, or just simply hang around.

Sam and I just got home from our usual afternoon walks. It is already 6:30pm here but since it is summer, the days are longer. It doesn't get dark until 7:30pm.

Looking above: Clear skies and leaves swaying in the cool afternoon breeze.

She was so happy when I placed her in her stroller and told her that we are going to take a walk. It has been a while since I took her out for her afternoon walks because she was asleep most afternoons and rain showers usually come in the late afternoons. But the weather was perfect today that we took some time to play in the swing, watch the leaves sway in the late afternoon breeze, and walk around the park for a litlle bit of exercise.

Sam at the park. Happy and contented in her stroller.

Seeing Sam so delighted and happy to be outside of the house again, I can't help but take some photos . After a few laughs, swings and rounds at the park, I checked my mobile for the time and what do you know? It was already 6:15pm. It was time to come home. And so here I am now in front of my laptop, writing a post about the fine time we had at the park.

Swing me. Sam and me playing at the park.

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thebeadedlily said...

She is such a beautiful baby!

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