Thursday, April 1, 2010

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

I am running late yet again for Couple's Corner but as they always say, it's better late than never. LOL! Sorry Marce Liz for my tardiness but I am still present for CC this week!

This week's theme is
Sweet Gesture. Hubby is not so much the PDA type of person... but he does know how to show it, in his own little ways. Hehe! Okay, let me edit that... maybe he is a PDA! LOL! When we were still going out as a couple, he would fondly hold my hands and massage my fingers and then kiss them. He would also remember to send me flowers on special occasions especially when he was already in Japan to study. We always kiss when in church, during the Peace-Be-With-You part regardless of whether we are attending the usual Sunday services in German or the special services celebrated with the Filipino community. I always find it sweet when he would just sit beside me and place his hand on the small of my back... well, not really small since I have become so big these days or just simply hold my hand. Hihi! He does that when he sees me just sitting at our table at a social function... a sign that I am getting bored. He would gladly prepare dinner for the family especially if he sees that my hands are really full or if I am sick. Although I fail to press his shirts most of the time, he does not complain. He just makes parinig that an iron is about to attack him and so I would press it there and then, giving him some time to eat his breakfast consisting of yoghurt! He also lets me sleep in late especially if I have been working in the wee hours, which I find very sweet. And even if we are already married, he still carries most of the stuff. He doesn't like to see me "nagbagood"... I would be the one to carry Samantha and he would be towing/carrying everything: bags, stroller, groceries and all.

I on the other hand, am also a sweet person although my sweetness has been somehow marred by exhaustion, stress and a hectic schedule. This week's theme I guess is an eye opener for me... I never really took Hubby seriously when he said that I am no longer the sweet person I used to be. Looking back at my previous paragraph, it all spells HIS SWEET GESTURES.. where's my sweet gestures? Hmm... I need to work on that. Let's see, I do cook his favorite food every now and then, the latest being palabok. I also give him a massage before he sleeps when he asks for one, although I do it after saying all my yada-yada-yada... And I can never really say NO with a lots of things especially if he is concerned.

What I find to be the sweetest gesture is that we never fail to say I LOVE YOU to one another, whether on the phone, when he leaves for work or I leave for my class, or simply just because.
Sweet tiny gestures all adds up to that spark in a marriage. So I guess it best for couples to embrace them and practice tiny gestures of love and care. They may be small but they make wonders in a relationship.

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Azumi's Mom ★ said...

that's good.. for me, always assuring your partner that you love him/her is really important.. kami din, we always say it everytime.

Chris said...

a beautiful post from you.. and a great reminder to us all not to lose that "sweetness" and "tenderness" to our spouse!

sheng said...

love your entry sis:) at tama ka dpat napapanatili tlga ang lambing at pagmamahal sa ating mga asawa.

Mommy Liz said...

So, basically what you're trying to say is, your hubby is alot sweeter than you? hehehe... Tama ka Marce when you said that little things can add up to a spark in a marriage, di naman need na big gestures agad, yung mga tiny gestures nga ang nakakapag pakiliti sa ating ma puso di ba? Kahit andyang bigyan ka lang ng twalya kapag naliligo ka, or lagyan ka ng kumot kapag nakahiga ka sa couch, that's enough showing of care and love.. Masaya na ko sa ganon.

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