Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Best Friend There Is

Hubby and I go a long way back. We have known each other for 11 years now and although our marriage is not a perfect one, I can say that we have become each other's strengths. I can definitely say that my Hubby is my best friend... he knows me inside and out. He has seen me at my best and at my worst and loves me just the same. I hope that he also considers me as his best friend, considering that I give him a hard time most of the time. :D I guess I will just have to interview Hubby then, eh? Hmm...

He knows the smell of my utot (fart) :D, he knows my scent, he knows my profile even if I am part of a sea of people or in a crowd, he knows what my touches mean, he can tell my moods and would let me be or confront me with whatever is bothering me, he goes crazy each time I become my stubborn self, he appreciates me for all the little and big things, he affirms my being a wife and a mother, he shares to me his problems and and his plans, even the sometimes too technical realm of his job because he trusts me enough to share the confidential stuff that his very confidential work entails.

And all these are just part and parcel of why I feel so blessed, so happy and so thankful that I am married to this one amazing man who sometimes asks me the one question that I have so many answers of yet don't have the appropriate words to say: "Why do you love me?" Perhaps I can answer him: Because you are the bestest best friend there is!

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Kikit said...

I like! Advance happy birthday Ak! Curious lang ko, how do you describe your stubborn self K? I-pm lang sa ako ang answer kung pwede. Hehe :)

Chris said...

it is great to have your hubby as your best friend!

Mommy Liz said...

Wohoo! bestest best friend ever! I like that. Utot din dito?? hahaha! kapag best friend na yata talaga, kahit utot alam ang amoy. We are both lucky for having a best friend in our hubbies, I wonder about the other wives who don't consider their spouses as their best friends, parang ang sad naman non.. Thanks for the entry, kahit late, tinatanggap ko. Ako nga wala pang entry sa TCP..

Clarissa said... sweet!!You're blessed to have the bestest friend in the whole wide world!!^_^

Happy Birthday to you,Mommy Kikamz!!Wishing you the best!!^_^

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