Thursday, April 15, 2010

Justin Bieber – the Pre-teen Girls’ Idol

Justin Bieber is the boy your pre-teen daughter and all her friends want to meet. Parents who were unaware till now of the sixteen-year-old’s existence either only have sons or keep their heads firmly buried in an inaccessible time warp and their ears firmly closed. However, you need take only a single peek at what your daughter is talking about and drooling over on her iphone, and the chances are that it’s the sweet-faced kid from Ontario.

Justin Bieber

When 3,000 teenage girl fans swarmed into a Long Island mall where their idol was due to perform, there were fears for public safety and the lad’s appearance was abruptly cancelled and his manager arrested on charges of hindering police efforts. This occurred in March 2010 and was a demonstration of the furore the juvenile heartthrob is capable of stirring up.

Like every generation that has preceded it, today’s pre-teens are creating their own gallery of sounds, looks and celebrities to follow. Fashion for ‘tweens’ is no longer dictated by grown-ups. Girls know what they want. This can add up to a tricky dilemma for parents, when it comes to buying kids clothes.

Some pet hates among parents are jeans that sit too low on the hips, plunging necklines and hot pants. A particular bugbear is inappropriate lettering emblazoned across buttocks or chest. Exerting some influence over a child’s choice of clothing while she’s still under ten is simply common sense. The taller girl’s parents need to shop around, rather than let her dress in inappropriately tight or lurid outfits.

There is a great deal to be said for allowing a child to stay young and innocent for as long as possible, while still tuning into the relatively harmless lyrics of Justin Bieber’s songs. (After all, he did gain the accolade of being fifth in a poll for ‘Best Good Example of 2009’.) The freedom afforded by wearing colourful loose items like Capri pants, cotton dresses and free-floating tops is far more desirable than being squeezed into ‘sexy’ items that can only make the wearer feel restricted and self-conscious. There are kids clothes with gorgeous colours, capturing the zing of spring and summer, and, best of all, the girl dressed this way looks charming, not cheap, something nice boys like Justin normally appreciate.

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