Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh No, There's No Film!

I remember this television commercial of two girl friends who were having a grand time posing in front of the camera, their faces so genuinely happy, their poses so wacky, only to find out after the photo op that there was no film inside the camera.

Oh no, there's no film!

This is what came into my mind when I was searching for our photos of the beautiful blooms and majestic view of the Keukenhof garden in Holland. How I arrived at such a thought is quite a long story. Will try to make it short though so here it goes:

We have two SD cards. One 4Gb and the other one, a 2Gb. We arrived in The Netherlands on a Saturday afternoon. It was raining hard and so we immediately went to our hotel. Sunday was Easter and the weather was still no good. It was raining until 1:00PM and so we decided to visit Amsterdam. We heard that the city center is very easy to tour so that we could just walk around. We just commuted though because the roads are very narrow and the parking fees are way too high... We are not crazy enough (or rich at that) to pay a staggering €5,00 per hour parking rate! Of course, we took lots of photos during the tour. There were lots of very interesting sights in Amsterdam. It was like Venice but with very nice people. :D After an afternoon in Amsterdam, we headed back to our hotel.

Amsterdam's canals, boat houses, bicycles and beautifully lined houses.

Hubby told me to upload our photos in our laptop so that I can format the main SD card but I didn't because I brought the 2Gb SD card with me. He was okay with that though since there was an extra SD card should our 4Gb go full. Monday morning we checked out of our hotel and drove to see the old wind mills in Zaanse Schans and took more photos. After an hour and a half of admiring the wind mills and enduring the chilly breeze, we drove again and headed for Keukenhof. This was supposed to be the highlight of our trip.

The windmills of Zaanse Schans

When we arrived, the temptation to take photos was very great that I just started shooting whatever it is my eyes behold. Keukenhof was a wonderful place, even with the tulips and other bulbs not yet in full bloom. It was at the early part of our sightseeing in Keukenhof when the 4Gb SD card went full and so we had to replace it with the other one. With another 2Gb card to fill, I had a blast taking photos. We had lots of beautiful photos.. with the flowers, with the different areas of Keukenhof, with the family.... And it was a relaxing afternoon. We were able to feast our eyes on thousands of tulips, crocuses, pollies, liliums. Every size and color of tulips that you never thought existed can be found exhibited in full bloom at the Willem Alexander. And this is where I devoted all my energy and photography "skills", if I ever had one... I even kneeled on the floor to get that perfect shot of the tulips. I was so wrapped up with taking photos that it went full again.

We then had to replace it with the 4Gb and hubby had browse through the photos contained in it to delete what he can delete. And I guess, I must have gotten excited and too busy in the process that I forgot to replace the 2Gb SD card in a secure place. I don't know how it happened but when I checked in my pockets and my wallet, it was nowhere to be found.

Oh no, there's no film!

No film indeed. No photos of the beautiful Keukenhof and of the tulips and the happy smiles and faces. Perhaps it was never meant to be. It was just sad to have no remembrance of the place except for the entrance tickets and the park brochure. But I guess the memories will forever be ingrained in our hearts and minds. So much for all our efforts, all gone with the wind. It was sad and disappointing.

Lesson learned: Follow what Hubby tells me. He is right, most of the time. Purchase a bigger capacity SD card. 16Gb perhaps? Buy a camera bag... like the Epiphanie? I wish!

Will post more photos of our trip in the days to come!


kimmy said...

At first I found it funny... but then I thought 'what if they were me' oh... that was not funny at all, I think I would feel exactly the way you did. nice post!

Paula said...

Visiting from BC Bloggers. Have a nice day! :)


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shydub said...

Kakabili ka talaga sis daming getaway.

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