Monday, April 19, 2010

Chopard: A Celebration of Perfection

It was perhaps not to be expected: in 1860 Louis Ulysse Chopard (only 24 and not yet established within the realm of diamonds) offered the world his first design. While a pocket watch was common then, quality was not. Time was not precise and elegance was not familiar. Yet Chopard was determined to make it so -- tangling seconds with beauty, letting common sense bloom wild. He quickly created something worthy of his intentions. And, since then, those intentions have not ceased; providing all with an efficient grace.

April 2010 saw that proven with the brand’s 150th anniversary. While so many luxury names have fallen to the economy or simple disinterest, Chopard instead has offered new collections and new grins. Quality lasts. Art remains. And, the coupling of the two produces something extraordinary every single time. It's not to be forgotten. It's only to be enjoyed.

Chopard: Unique Style, Smart Options

Bringing its clients a sense of whimsy for every practical hour, Chopard has released 150 watches and jewelry pieces to commemorate its achievements. The ‘Animal World Collection’, as its name suggests, offers dynamic images of safari scenes without forgetting the importance of products actually working: new calibers have been introduced, ensuring that everything is perfectly timed.

It is this dedication to both design and functionality that allows the brand to dominate. Nothing is sacrificed. Instead every element is combined to guarantee satisfaction. The customer is the only concern. That is why Chopard has made certain that it will have (at least) another 150 years more. The anniversary is not merely an event, but also a promise: the company will keep striving to impress.

1860 saw the birth of a new concept. 2010 saw its recognition. And the future will see its reward. The celebrations will continue on and Chopard will continue to grow.

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