Saturday, April 17, 2010

John Hardy Original Green Designer

Taking inspiration from bamboo, the warrior goddess Kali, and the Buddhist art of Zen meditation, John Hardy's unique jewelry collections are rich in detail, elegance, and spirit. Dubbed the original Green Designer, John Hardy believes in sustainable luxury and has dedicated his life to creating unique, top-quality bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and enhancer pendants that have become classics. Hardy even offers an extensive men's bracelet collection.

John Hardy's art is most certainly a reflection of his unique life. After completing art school in the mid-1970s, the Canadian Hardy went on a tour of the world but stopped when charmed by the beauty of Bali. He began training with Balinese silversmiths descended from artisans of the royal court and, with the help of his wife Cynthia, grew his craft into a major brand of luxury designer jewelry celebrated internationally for its appearance, quality, and overall feel.

In addition to breathing new life into the world of jewelry design, John Hardy also became a pioneer in both sustainable businesses and sustainable living. The John Hardy workshop and design center in Bali double as an organic farm where chickens, goats, and pigs are organically raised for food and help fertilize organic gardens of heirloom Bali rice and vegetables. Current artisans, often descended from the same ones who trained Hardy, dine daily on a healthy lunch prepared in an open-air kitchen using Balinese cooking techniques. The staff recycles paper and plastics and continually monitors its efforts to improve energy efficiency and move toward being a carbon neutral, or even carbon negative, company.

John Hardy's values are authenticity, transparency, accountability, and diversity. The designers at John Hardy are passionate artists who take inspiration from nature and infuse their work with a love of humanity and the world we share.

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