Monday, June 15, 2009

Yellow Monday: Window Shopping


It was a fine day for a stroll. It was a holiday and we chose to spend it in beautiful Baden-Baden. The shops near Lichtentaler Allee were filled with yellows! From pharmacies (apotheke) to fashion boutiques, one can really tell that summer is just around the corner! However, holidays here meant closed shops! It would have been nice to browse through the shops but because they are closed, you can only enjoy the goods from the shops' windows. Literally, it's window shopping!

From a pharmacy's window.

Nice yellow dresses from one of the many fashion boutiques in the shopping street.


Seiko said...

I love shopping & If I can’t I’ll window shop & every mall is battle that needs to conquer hehe.Really nice dresses,one of my fave colr…yellow.

Sue said...

Those are great window displays, I love the yellow bees in the first one. And the yellow outfits are very nice too.

Thanks for stopping by mine. Happy MYM~

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The window shoppers
caress the yellow dresses
with their hungry eyes.

Kikit said...

What a lovely cute dress! :)

Karen said...

Isn’t it amazing how much yellow you can see around you and how you really start to notice it once you are involved with a them like MYM..:-)

Nice shots and so cheerful !!

liza said...

I enjoy window shopping a lot. I like the yellow dress. :) Happy MYM!

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