Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To The Rescue

I can still recall my days as a "corporate slave" and all the trainings that we had to go through for professional and personal development. Among the countless trainings was the one on fire hazards and safety. We had to learn the basics - from bandaging and first aid, firefighting and of course, rescue.

I can still remember our trainer's words: "When on a rescue mission, be it minor or major, always have the presence of mind and bring along with you the needed equipment such as first aid kits, bandages, stretchers and Medical Backboards because you never know the severity of the scene until you are there. And be sure to assess the scene before you do anything else!"

medical backboard

I was awed at the sight of my coworker strapped to a piece of board and learned that in a rescue operation, there are various equipments used, one of which are the Medical Backboards. These are important in rendering a victim immobile or to simply restrain them to prevent further damage, and for easier lifting and transport of the victim. A typical backboard or spineboard usually has handholds for rescuers' ease of lifting and carrying the victim and also strapping pins to hold the victim in place.

We had to learn how to strap a victim properly on a backboard, learn the different techniques in firefighting, and had a simulated search and rescue operation on the last day. It was an exhausting three-day training for me but a very rewarding one because I know now how to save a life should the opportunity call for it.

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