Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ear Infection Anyone?

Mommies beware! Your child could get this too!

Last Monday, Sam caught a cold. At first I thought it was just the change in weather but I noticed that her walking became unsteady. She has no balance that she always falls each time she walks. She bang her head twice on the floor in the process. Also, she doesn't like to eat. She has always had a good appetite but yesterday was an exception. Not a single bite. She would only drink milk and water. Her crying wouldn't stop too as she tried to sleep last night and I thought it was just difficulty in breathing due to her stuffy nose. She was only able to sleep at around 2:30 this morning and woke up crying at around 7:00AM. My poor, poor baby!

This morning, I called her pedia and made an appointment. At 10:00AM, her pedia checked her and we found out that she has ear infection. She was given antibiotics as the infection is caused by a bacteria.

So if your little one is cranky and keeps tugging at his/her ear, has had a recent cold or sinus infection, has no appetite, has difficulty sleeping, and seems unsteady when he/she walks, chances are big that he/she has an ear infection. Children and toddlers are most susceptible to this illness because the part of the ear called the Eustachian tubes are too short and horizontal so that fluid can't drain easily. This explains the reason why we usually cover the ears when bathing babies and small children.

So I hope this helps! Have a nice evening everyone!


beth said...

My son had one too when he was Sam’s age. Naagapan din.
I hope Sam gets well soon!

niko said...

i was told by umma that YL got this too through his milk nmn. dpat elevated not more 45 degrees ang pillow when they are fed wiith bottle when sleeping..

yena has fever too since last night… i hope sam feels better soon, il wait for ur update..

anyways i have an award for u kamz

lulu said...

I have a lot to share about ear infection. Andrea started having ear infection when she was 10mos (I think).. she ended up having ear tube surgery last feb … so far so good until 2 weeks ago… she had another ear infection….

Kikit said...

Late ni akong comment. Hope Sam feels better now. :)

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