Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some Like It Hot...

...But I don't! Especially NOT inside the car! I like to keep my baby comfortable when we go out for drives so that we can drive smoothly on hot summer days. Hence, an auto air conditioning is a must.

AC compressor

It was agony when we visited the Philippines last February. Hubby's aunt generously offered their family car to us so that it will be easier for us to drive around the city. The only problem was that the car's AC Compressor was broken so that it was like we were being baked inside an oven each time we go out. And our little one is not used to the heat so you could just imagine her soaked in sweat after our drives. My heart went out to her!

If only we had known about it earlier, we could have had it fixed and had the AC running by the time we arrived. It would have saved us all the sweat and the tempers.

At least now I know where to shop for auto air conditioning online. If you have any need for auto air conditioning, is the place to be. Each part you purchase comes with a warranty and shipping too! Now, how cool is that?

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