Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sitting Pretty

office chair

Our new home has afforded me a room where I get to do my paperwork, budgeting, and blogging. Since moving in, it has officially become our mini office. It is quite bare though, and the only Home Office Furniture that it has is a work desk, which is mainly occupied by my new desktop PC courtesy of hubby. There is a single bed too, which is quite out of place but still a treat because I get to take short naps when my eyes tire of staring in front of the computer. I still need a few furniture pieces like a low mobile cabinet, some bookshelves and an office leather chair that is so comfortable to sit on it won't give me any backaches and will allow me to relax while doing my stuff on the net. I hope to purchase them one at a time so that it won't be too heavy on my budget. First on my list is the office chair so that soon, I will be able to say Tschüss (bye) to stiff necks and aching backs.

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