Monday, June 22, 2009

Yellow Monday: Which Way?



This is a lovely town called Schwangau in the State of Bavaria which is famous for the Schloss Neuschwanstein and Schloss Hohenschwangau, two castles built for the late King Ludwig II of Bavaria. This were taken at the village where the yellow post markers tell you which way the the restaurants, shops, WC, hotels and tourist information booth are.

which way?

There were also hiking trails in the area. The directions in the yellow one tell hikers how long it is to the next town and restaurant.


This restaurant is painted a pale yellow. The umbrellas are now folded at the end of the day. The street is now quiet but used to be flooded with hungry and excited tourists.

schwangau and schloss hohenstein

Can you see the castle yonder? That one is Schloss Hohenschwangau where King Ludwig II spent his childhood. It was also painted in yellow.


Enchie said...

Germany is a nice country. I like the pictures. Makes me wanna travel.

Seiko said...

I noticed that most of the sign board is yellow madaling mapansin.

Karen said...

Wonderful photos !!!

Love that yellow castle :-)

joe-ann said...

been to the place too, the place also looks so good during winter.:)

kamz said...

@ joe-ann: did you go there in winter? ang lamig kaya!!! di ko carry! :D

ria c said...

Nice pics! Too bad we didn;t have enough time when we were in Munich to visit Bavaria and to think it was already close by.

How’s life in Deutschland?

ria c said...

Very pretty place! I wish we had enough time to include Bavaria in our itinerary during our vacation there last year. Mukhang maganda… sayang! But at least I get to see some places courtesy of you ;)

How’s life in Deutschland?

kamz said...

@ ria c: sis, too bad di nyo napasyalan ang ibang places. ang laki din kasi ng germany, di kayang ikutin in a week. glad though that i was able to give you a virtual tour. hugs!

Kikit said...

Yellow leads the way! :) I wish I could visit these places. Kahit sa dreams lang. Hehe :)

Dee said...

Such a beautiful place!

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