Friday, June 19, 2009

Mommy Moments: That's My Dad!

mommy moments

The rest of the world is celebrating Father's Day on Sunday, June 19th. We celebrated it here in Germany last May 21st. To learn more about how we celebrated it, click here.

Anyway, it's Friday once again and another Mommy Moment to share. Because it is almost Father's Day, allow me to share some things about the Father of the house.

1. He loves his family more than anything else. Next to God.
2. His day is not complete without playing Warcraft DOTA, his week without reading Naruto Manga.
3. He is busy as a bee at work but never takes it home with him.
4. We share the same passion for traveling.
5. He loves cars, F1 and go karting with a passion.
6. He is vocal about his feelings and downright honest with it!
7. He has a different way of making lambing: he asks for a massage and always gets it.
8. He amuses me at very unexpected moments.
9. As a first time Dad, he is doing very well.
10. He always looks forward to being home with us.
11. He prefers to stay at home and spend it with the family rather than spending it with friends.

out for a driveblack forest viewing deck
training in shanghaia day out at the zoo
red brick warehouse in yokohamaup close and personal with her dad

To Hanhan, thank you for being the father that you are to Sam. I know that you have sacrificed a lot for the family and that we are always on top of your priorities and at every decision that you make. Thank you for being the greatest dad there is!

papa and mama at our wedding reception

And to my Papa, a warm Happy Father's Day too! I am very thankful that you have raised me as a good person and have taught me great lessons in life. I know you have sacrificed a lot for us to give us the best education we can have and I hope we have made you proud. I am proud to say that you have done a very great job as a Father to me and my siblings. Salamat Pa for all the love, the nurturing and the support.

To my Hanhan, my Papa, Tatay and to all the fathers and daddies and soon-to-bes in the world:

Fathers Day Comments


beth said...

Sam is so blessed to have your hubby for her dad! I know it kasi nabasa ko na sa mga posts mo before. You’re one blessed wifey too!

happy father’s day to all the daddies in your life!

chris said...

thanks for posting and sharing your life with us! :D

jeng said...

Great pictures! Happy Father’s Day to your hubby ; )

bambie said...

KUdos to your hubby =) you would know that he is great dad and a good person even thru his photos. Happy father’s day sa kanya..

mukhang advance yata ang dad’s day dyan.. Anyway, give my hugs to your lil princess =)

kamz said...

maaga talaga bams! and it fell on a weekday pa talaga!

Seiko said...

I learned again,thanks for the sharing Mommy Kikamz.How lucky & Blessed you & Sam for having a dad like your husband.’though tapos na ang fathers day dyan,please allow me to greet him a happy fathers day to a great dad in the whole universe.Happy fathers day to your papa too!Hugs!

Cookie said...

happy father’s day to your han-han! And stay forever in love, hehehe :D hugs to Baby Sam, too.

niko said...

happy father’s day to ur husband kamz!!

Kikit said...

“He has a different way of making lambing: he asks for a massage and always gets it.” -
Ang sweet mo K!

Belated Happy Father’s Day to Binsoy! :)

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