Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am moving again.. this blog I mean. From a hosted subdomain, I have decided to move this blog to blogger and have it registered to my own domain. I hope it will be the last.

Please watch out for the new look of Just About Anything.. coming your way soon!


niko said...

kaya pla tahimik byuti mo.. am so excited naman.. weeee

pagbalik mo gawin mo tag ko ha eto eto


beth said...

Hi Kikamz, let me know kung me changes sa URL ha? :) ME too e , gusto ko din own domain, kaso di ko pa maasikaso. Paturo ako kung pano ha? “,)

Enchie said...

will wait for coming Kamz!

Mommy J said...

Woo hoo! Hopefully, it will be a smooth transition!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mommy J

Kikit said...

Welcome to blogger K! :)

ria c said...

That’s great news! Btw, when you come back, here’s a tag for you:


Happy moving and happy Friday!

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