Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I called our bank in Japan this morning... I asked if someone could speak in English using my broken Japanese. The person said that no one can. Ugh! So I had no choice but to try to talk to the one on the other end since it already cost me some euro just to wait for my call to be transfered to the operator.

How can I talk to this person when I can't understand Japanese? My question was simple. To ask that if I want to send money to our bank account in Japan, do I need a BIC code? If yes, what is the BIC code? It was frustrating because he can't understand me and I can't understand him. I used broken English and some Japanese words but it was no use. He was apologetic and I said goodbye and thank you after 10 minutes of trying to understand each other.

I wanted to cry because of my inability to communicate. It was really frustrating! Grrr!!!

Perhaps, I should've asked our bank here in Germany. Yes, I should give them a try. I wish that someone knows English this time otherwise, my German skills will be put to test. Wish me luck!


niko said...

weee i understand ur frustrations.. ang hirap naman tlga pag di kayo mag intindihan noh. :) buti hindi ka hinayblood kasi kng ako yan.. highblood na ko hhahah

joe-ann said...

hi kikamz, i can totally relate how you feel, lost in translation? Btw, I think yes, if its international transfer then you need to have BIC or bank identifier code, its commonly called SWIFT here in Germany. Hope you can have your transactions done!goodluck dear.

Kikit said...

ka-relate gyud ko ani k ba. it’s difficult to talk on the phone kasi dili pwede mag-gesture gesture. haha :)

beth said...

i understand your frustration. but I really admire you, ang galing, multi-linguistic ka na, khit pakonti konti :)

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