Friday, June 12, 2009

Mommy Moments: Outdoor Fun!

mommy moments

Today's theme I love, Hubby loves, Sam loves! Outdoor fun indeed! Even as we were going out as a couple, we see to it that we get to see new places every once in a while. More so now that Sam is here. There is just nothing like going someplace new with the family.

going for a ride!at europa park
kiddie rides at europa park
at Wilhelma Zoo with the giraffeson the way to BMW world
Excursions in Germany
. She enjoys our outings all the more because
she can now walk and can recognize things, animals and people.

We love going on trips and traveling to places. I guess that is one of the perks of living abroad and each time Hubby gets to have long holidays, expect that it is bound to be spent somewhere else. I guess I am one lucky Mommy. Always able to see new places and try new adventures!

Sea Paradise, HakkeijimaAnpanman and Sam... BILOG!
Sea Paradise, the first (L) and second (R) time around! She has grown!

I guess the first time we took Sam outdoors was when she was only two months to Sea Paradise in Yokohama. More trips followed: the Giant Buddha in Kamakura, Showa Kinen Park in Tokyo, Tokyo Disney Land, Zoorasia in Yokohama, and the beautiful shrines of Kyoto to name a few. Of course, there are the usual weekend strolls at the mall or at the park, which she equally loves.

resting at the cafeinside the car during our Yamanashi Trip
In Kamakuraat Zoorasia, Yokohama Zoological Gardens
Yamanashi and the beautiful Mt. FujiAt Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa
Travels around Japan: Yokohama, Yamanashi, Kamakura, Tokyo.

Sam at the neighborhood Obon Odori
At our neighborhood park in Yokohama, Japan: Sam wearing her yukata (L).

I know that little by little, Sam becomes aware of the places that we go to. She even gets excited each time we ask her "Uban ka? Uban?" (Want to come with us?) And she would be content sitting on her stroller or her car seat.

More outdoor fun here.


Tetcha said...

Sam is quite lucky she gets to travel to all of these places and enjoy great outdoor fun with his mommy and daddy. Mine is up, too.

chris said...

its great that you take the time to bring Sam to different places! she is blessed! :)

life's journey said...

Oh the baby is cute and pretty. Happy mommy moments…Mine is up too.

Willa said...

she’s so cute! and it’s nice that at her very young age, she already travelled a lot. :)

joe-ann said...

wow..nice photos.summer time is here more outdoor fun for the family=) I’m surprise to know you speak “bisaya or cebuano”. So you must be from Mindanao or Visayas?btw, I’m from Mindanao=)

Dddiva said...

Looks like you guys are having tons of fun. Very cute.

Seiko said...

Babies,Todlers,Teens & even adults loves outdoor & it’s really fun.You’re really Blessed to have that chance of seeing new places,I’m happy for you!Lovely photos you have here during your outdoor moments,I like it specially the one that Sam had that big grin on her face,she’s so cute.

bambie said...

ang cute cute talaga ni Baby sam.. well travelled pa.. parang may hawig talaga sila ni anzu kapag super smile sya nung baby pa sya.. nweis pareho kasi sila pretty eh like their moms heheh..

Gin said...

she seems to really enjoy your trips. Cute smiles!

Mommy Jac said...

Sam is so blessed to travel and explore different places and I love all the pictures mommy Btw I have an award for you

Twinkie said...

Sam is a little girl na rin. Pasarap na ng pasarap ang pasyal ninyo. Lalo na when she starts to eat on her own. Ahhh! Sarrap!

beth said...

wow, that’s the best part nakakalakad na si sam! di na masyado pagod si mommy! actually yan favorite part ko nung early growing up years ng kids ko, ung knowing that they can recognize things na, and nakakalakad na sila! :)

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