Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Small Space?

You have always dreamed of having enough room to move around your house. Unfortunately, your current abode does not afford this space. So you think of moving to a bigger house... but the would entail spending more than what you are already spending for your house rent or house mortgage. The best thing that you can do? Make your rooms functional and try to minimize yoour furniture. As they always say, "less is more".

So what's the secret to making your room look bigger and roomier?

A mirror large and wide enough, mounted on one wall will give any room the illusion of it being bigger as mirrors reflect a room. Plus, it reflects light so that it helps to light up the darker parts of a room.

When choosing furniture, choose those that are multi-functional and are not so bulky looking. You can for instance use a Howard computer cabinet that is foldable and can be mounted on a wall instead of the traditional computer table if you are using laptops or notebooks. The colors of some of your furniture should also be a monotone of your wall color so that they will blend with the room, making it look wider. Be sure also that your furniture does not block the walkway.

Color your walls with a softer and lighter hue as they make a space feel open and airy. For best results, use soft tones of blue and green.

Remove all the clutter. Use and put in your room what you only need. Store away all those that you don't need. Keep things simple and organized. You can decorate a room of course but don't overdo it. Create a focal point in your room and keep your decorations to a minimum. It is always better to just hang one painting on a wall than a number of small ones.

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