Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Basil Is Here To Stay

When I learned that basil helps ward off fruit flies, I immediately wanted to buy a pot. Rewe, the supermarket just below our flat sells basil for €0,99 per pot and since it is not so expensive, I bought myelf one. Then I placed it on my kitchen counter top and observed whether there will be changes.

True enough, the fruit flies began to go away. Maybe it's true after all that fruit flies detest the smell of basil. I also observed at the supermarket itself that they placed some pots of basil on the fruits and vegetable that easily attract fruit flies like tomatoes, peaches and strawberries.

Now that I know that this wonder herb helps to drive away fruit flies, I will see to it that I always have a pot in my kitchen especially in the summer season. And since it is one of the main ingredients in making pesto and can also be used in vegetable salads and as topping for pizza and pasta, I can enjoy these healthy treats whenever I please.

Got fruit flies swarming in your kitchen too? Try putting a pot of basil in your kitchen. It can help.

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