Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just The Three Of Us

My little girl, who is now almost 42 months old is still sleeping with us. But I can't complain since she is our very own little doll. Although she is not huggable, she is still one who's very easy to cuddle. :D I know that I have to train her to sleep on her own but I guess it is not yet the time.

With a bed this big, there's enough room for three!

One reason that's stopping us from training her to sleep in her own room is that she doesn't have her own bed yet. The room that is supposedly hers is currently being used as an office and linen room. We would need to purchase her own bed and closet among others to furnish it. I also want to create a room with a princess theme since I know that she will love it. And with so many things that I want to do in her room, it would also need a great deal of budget. So we are putting the "Princess Room Project" on hold until further notice. For now, she sleeps with us in our own little nest.

And YES, Mama is not ready yet to let go of her little baby.

In the photo:
Esprit Home "Super" bedlinen set
with 1 200x200cm Bedcover and 2 80x80cm pillowcase
2 40x80cm pillowcase, 1 plaid (sold separately)
Material: maco cotton satin

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OSeƱorita said...

I feel the same way with my only girl 6 y/o and my youngest child 4 y/o. They both still sleep with us. I just can't seem to let them sleep by themselves. I felt like I wouldn't be able to sleep if they're not beside me. Their Kuya learned to sleep by himself at the age 10. I guess I'm just so clingy and cuddly.

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