Tuesday, August 9, 2011

She Is Growing Up So Fast!

I am referring to my godchild Sati, who is turning TWO in Novemebr. Sigh! How quickly time flies, especially if you are busy!

A friend and fellow blogger posted a recent photo of my godchild, playing under a monobloc table. I guess she was trying to be resourceful and imaginative and pretended it was her playhouse. She looked so adorable under it! I guess that is one of the good things if you don't give everything to your child... it leaves them room to be creative and imaginative.

But that does not stop me from wishing I were a millionaire so that I can buy Sati some playground equipment. She can play with her brothers in their little backyard and they will have lots of fun! They can even share it with other children in their neighborhood too!

I haven't met Sati personally yet. I only get glimpses of her in photos and videos. She is my little model as she dons different styles of dresses. Each time Marce Peh posts a photo, Sati is garbed in a new dress that a ninang gave her. I always smile each time I see her bright smile... it surely never failed to cheer me up. She is sunshine, that little girl. And I hope that one day she and my little will be able to meet and play together. It should be so much fun!


Chris said...

time does passes by so fast!

OSeƱorita said...

time really flies so fast. and children do grow up so fast.


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