Friday, August 26, 2011

Building Homes Or Renting Them?

Correct me if I am wrong when I say that one of a married couple's dreams is building their very own house one day. A house that is big enough for their prefered number of children, with a big kitchen, and lots of space to run around. There would be a garden outside too, a winter garden if needed be and equipped with one of those outdoor fireplaces so that the cold of the winter won't stop you from enjoying your garden and inviting your friends over for a garden party even if it is snowing.

At least for me and my husband, that is our dream... to build our own house, either here in Germany or in our home country. It all depends on how much we can save and how much building a house and a piece of land would cost by the time we save enough money. I guess that building our dream home is still a far cry from reality and we could just content ourselves with renting for now. But even renting an apartment could be very expensive too...

Which leaves me with the question in the end: until when should we continue paying for a house that will never be ours and start building our own? And the vicious cycle of reasoning repeats...

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