Saturday, August 27, 2011

Congrats Kat and TJ!

Isn't it wonderful when two people are united in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony? I always find weddings beautiful and that of TJ and Kat's is certainly one of them....

Although I haven't been really close to my high school batchmates since I didn't go to the same university with them during college and had my own set of friends when I got into college, I still keep the Livewires as a part of my extended family and keep them close to my heart... After all, we have been together for four solid years in high school and have kept in touch through social networking.

I am always amazed at the closeness and the strong friendship that the Livewires share and although I usually consider myself as the observer and the silent reader in our FB group page, I can’t help but find myself immersed in the gossips and the excitement that the Livewires have been up to these past few months and found myself commenting and sharing some of my thoughts.

I must admit, I am always among those last to know the most important happenings in town, the wedding of Kat and TJ included. I didn’t even know that they have been going out! That is how clueless I am… But needless to say, I am really happy for both of them. Too bad I wasn’t there to witness their beautiful union. I can only wait for the photos to come flooding…

To Kathy and Timong, my heartfelt and warm Congratulations and Best wishes… Indeed, it's a beautiful day!

“May you live for as long as you love…
May you love for as long as you live…
And may the measure of your love…
be a love without measure.”

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Jona said...

cute ng video :D
i'm here for TCP. here's mine. hope you can add my link. my email is

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