Saturday, August 6, 2011

Almost 61!

My mom will be celebrating her 61st birthday next month and my father this month. That soon? It was only last year when they turned 60. Time does fly so fast. I know I am gonna miss their birthday again this year but I know they understand. I just have to make sure that we give them a call in time for their birthdays.

I am hoping to give her something special this year. I am thinking of a birthstone ring or a bracelet or her favorite fragrance. For moms, the possibilities are endless I am actually confused. Maybe I can find some great birthday gift ideas for moms over at and where I can get them. I just have to check it out!

As for my Dad, maybe we can buy him some Birkenstock footwear or a Swiss watch. We'll just see what we can come up with.

Last year, we got them a digital camera and then my sisters and I chipped in to give them a vacation in Bohol as they have never been there yet. They turned sixty last year after all.

When giving gifts to parents, it is not the monetary value of the gift that counts but the thought and sincerity that comes with it. I know that I will be content receiving a birthday card from my little girl which she made herself. So that I know that whatever we give for my parents on their birthday, they will be happy about it.

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kimmy said...

advance happy birthday to your mom, kikamz!

by the way, do you mind checking out on Plain Old Me?

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