Tuesday, February 17, 2009

6 Weird Things About Me

I've been tagged by Niko Ganda of Niko's Blog and asked me to post six weird things about me. Well, all of us have our weird moments and traits that others find amusing, silly, sweet or even revolting. It took me a while to write this one up because I was thinking what are indeed that six weird things about me. Some you may have already known, some just now. So here goes my list:

1. Chippy and Ice Cream: The perfect combo. I just love the taste of chippy (original flavor) dipped in chocolate ice cream. This has been my addiction since I can remember. :D Others find it really weird but I tell you, it's just YUM! I usually treat myself to this after a hard day's work! That's a lot of calories I know... but I just can't resist the contrast of sweet and salty taste.

2. Eating Promdi style. I love to eat with one leg up and rested on my chair. Everytime I do this, I could forget everything else and just feast on the food before me... I especially do this when I am at home and sometimes in restaurants too, if the food is especially yum. It is just such a comfy position. How about you? Do you also do this when eating? Anybody who says YES, raise your leg!

3. Storytelling. I love to tell stories and make up my own script and act them out... ALONE. I do this when I am in the bathroom, before I take a bath or when I am doing the laundry and waiting for the washing machine to finish up. No, I am not crazy... just a little bored and "alone". I never allow my hubby to catch me doing this, that's why I tell stories in the bathroom. Ask the bathroom... you'd be amazed at how many story lines it's listened to. Oh, poor, poor bathroom! :D

4. Folding up used grocery bags. I must have already written here that I am an OC. I have the tendency to organize even the most insignificant things. I even fold our used grocery bags for later use. Weird huh? Hubby will know if I feel bad or if I want to think because I fold and refold the plastic bags. It's kind of therapeutic for me.

5. Typing up lyrics of songs. I have this habit of listening to a song's lyrics over and over again and type it one stanza at a time until I get it right. if the song if especially nice and quite new, I would download it, listen to it and type the lyrics. My hubby said that I can easily catch the lyrics of a song and remember them. Hmmm... maybe I have acquired this skill because of my habit.

6. Peppery Spice. I love to sprinkle any dish I cook with ground black pepper. I don't know why but it has become kind of a habit. Even if the food does nto require pepper, I always add a dash into it. I just can't resist the smell of fresh ground pepper on a hot dish. Hubby seems to like it too! Hehe!

Tell me how weird you are too! Am passing this tag to the following wonderful persons:

Hannie, Ate Shals, Kikit, Rechie, Jade, Aeirin, and Chris


Umma said...

Hhahaha.. kakaloka ang weird things mo Mommy.. especially telling stories inside the bathroom… if somebody could here that.. baka mapagkamalan ka!

Also eating while one leg up? hahaha.. so province talaga ha? But there’s nothing wrong with that.. as long as u feel comfortable in doing it, why not di ba? Kaya lang dont do it if its your first date hahahaha..

Mira said...

Yay, I’m an OC too, and that’s exactly how I fold my grocery bags! LOL.

niko said...

oist dear i wish to learn how to fold my grocery bags that way too!!! naku you have to teach me how!!

i will try ur number 1!! mukang yummy nga yan.. kasi gusto ko rin i-dip sa icecream or sundae ng jollibee ang french fries nila eh.. combi of salty and sweeet yummy tlga :)

i eat promdi style too lalo na pagnapapasarap na kain ko! wahaaaah. kahit dito sa office ganyan ako :D

u know what i like to be, ur bathroom!! hahah il capture ur drama.. and upload it on youtube! hahaha kaloka ka!!

thanks for answering the tag dearie!! nasan na ba kayo ni sam?? germany pa ba??

Kikit said...

i was a witness of ak’s OC tendencies :)

niko said...

dear!!! i made my plastic bag origami already http://eraslovers.blogspot.com/2009/02/grocery-plastic-bag-origami.html am so happy!! :)

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