Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Hotel Gasthof Hiller

A view of the hotel up front.

This was our "home" when we went to Germany for a week. It is a quaint 3-star hotel located in Abstatt, where my husband's office is located. It has only three floors but there is a lift available for easier access to the rooms.

It was snowing since Wednesday in Germany that everything was white!
Even the black cat turned white!

When we arrived at around 7:30PM, there wasn't anyone at the reception desk. After our driver rang the bell, we were greeted by the owner and were immediately given our keys and off we went to our room. I was wondering why he was in a hurry... there wasn't even somebody to help us with our bags and lead us to our rooms. Hmmm... It was only later, when we had dinner at the hotel restaurant, that I found out why. The restaurant was quite busy on evenings so that all of the hotel staff is busy. So that is why he was in a hurry. Figures.

Our hotel room. A view outside the window after a night of snowfall.

Anyway, we were given a double room. It was a nice room complete with the basics of a hotel room - a comfy bed, enough heating, hot and cold shower, internet, cable TV, mini-bar and a nice view. They also provided a baby bed for Sam, which wasn't much use because she slept with us anyway. :D

Samantha in her baby bed looking out the snow.

A buffet breakfast is served each morning and I feasted on wheat bread, scrambled eggs, lots and lots of bacon, sausages and salami, fresh fruit juice, yogurt, and brewed coffee among others. Too bad I was too lazy to take photos of our food. Hehehe! But there will be a next time. I will be sure to take lots of photos when we finally move to Germany come April.

Overall, it was a comfortable and nice accommodation. It was a haven for us after a tiring day of house hunting and information tours and mini-orientation lectures. But the time difference always woke us up at 2:30AM that we ended up going back to sleep at 5AM and wake up late for breakfast. :D


Cookie said...

Nice view of Germany and nice hotel, too. What’s your fafa’s work by the way? Ur like angelina and brad pitt na always globe-trotting around the world, hehe.

Enchie said...

Hi Kikamz! I have an award for you :) everythinng looks so cozy. Im sure Sam enjoyed every bit of it. At traveller na ha…

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