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Mommy Moments: Preggy Days

mommy moments

I became pregnant with Samantha when I arrived here in Japan. We never planned on having a baby right away but her coming was such a blessing!

My pregnancy was a happy one because hubby was there with me every step of the way. It was in July when we found out. I missed my period and I took two pregnancy tests at home just to be sure. I regret not documenting those kits! It would have been a very nice addition to this post. Hehe! ;) Anyway, I have posted a few of my preggy photos when I was already heavy with child so that my tummy will be visible.

We attended an Advent Day of Prayer last December 2007
and this was taken after our sessions. Behind us is the beautiful Sumida River,
one of Tokyo's most famous rivers.

The first trimester is always critical so that I took extra care with my baby. I never had a problem though except for the occasional morning sickness. The first time I had a major throw-up was when I ate fried fish. So no fish for me since then! I also hated the smell of heated canola oil, and sauteed garlic and onions! I never run out of pineapples and have been cooking adobo most of the time. I also had an outbreak of pimples then, as shown below and my hubby would lovingly joke, "napuno na kog bugas... gukuron na ko ug manok!"

Attack of the raging pimples!

It was already winter when I was into my third trimester so that I am always bundled up. My husband would call me "Penguin" because I was walking like a penguin, with my big tummy, flat shoes and slow movement. I was also usually seen wearing white shirt and black suits on weekdays because I was teaching English then. Hehe!

In Shinjuku. At the CFC Christmas Party. On my way to church.

Sam was growing healthy and well during the first 34 weeks. But my OB observed that she was quite small at at week35 and I was told to be admitted at the hospital so that they can monitor her closely and to see if there is remarkabel growth. I was of course worried that something bad might happen and I was not so good at asking questions because of the language barrier. It was a good thing though that we have very good friends who visited me often at the hospital when my Hanhan cannot and was there to ask my OB questions on my behalf.

At week 37, my OB decided that my baby has to come out because she hasn't shown any remarkable growth anymore and my amniotic fluid is not enough to wait for full term. The induced delivery process was explained to me and some tests including a stress test, xray and cervix dilation were performed. I was already moved to the labor room the evening of February 27th and I was already having mild and regular contractions due to the stress test. My baby's heartbeat and my contractions were closely monitored by then. I had to endure each contraction and was crying silently in pain and praying at the same time. The nurses were a little apprehensive to approach my bed because I was holding my rosary and they didn't know what to do. My husband joked about it later on and said that I scared the nurses away. Hubby was there by my side during the delivery and was even pushing and holding his breath each time I push and hold my breath. It makes me smile just thinking about that moment.Then on February 28th at 1:30PM Japan time, Sam came out into this world through normal delivery. She was 2275 kilograms (a little small for a baby) and 47.4 cm.

Oh yes, the miracle of life! I will never forget that incredible feeling of awe and relief to bring my baby out into the world to behold her for the first time... so small and yet full of energy. I knew then what my mother felt when she had me and I am so thankful to her. I also thank God the most for the gift of bearing children and for the wonderful little girl that he has sent to complete our family. I have come full circle.

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niko said...

dear! i cant see ur pictures :( huhuhu gusto ko makita!!!

buti ka pa dear normal delivery, haaay. ang galing mo siguro umere. yan ang regret ko eh, haaaay sana kaya ko rin fighting spirit mo! gusto ko rin ng normal delivery next time.. :)

my mine is up too sa blog ni yena ha! :)

pehpot said...

It is an incredible feelings.. emotions are mixed and you just you are the luckiest and happiest mommy on earth.. right?

MY preggy daysis here

mary ann binuya said...

very very happy moments of our lives. please check mine too!

ria said...

you still looked fab kahit na may pimples ka! hahaha. i didn’t have any pimples when i was pregnant nor have those black lines on the neck and armpit. di naman masyado nagbago complexion ko. mga stretch marks lng…hahahaha

Twinkie said...

Never mind the pimples, they too shall pass, ika nga! But the bright smile you wore the whole time says it all diba? :)

Have a great day!

Enchie said...

It is truly a blessing to have an angel anytime. And you had a very fashionable pregnancy Kikamz. eto na naman ako puro kasuotan ang napapansin ko, siguro pang 5 kana sa mga Moms na na-adore ko ang clothing. :)

pehpot said...

true.. sobrang hirap to quit..specially with my first one.. sana nga nga we can have a baby girl na para naman makapagpahinga na ang ovary ko hihi

jona said...

i like your pic with your beige coat on…fabulous!
my entry’s up too.
hope to exchange links with you :D

niko said...

hey dear!! pls answer this one.. urgent eto !hahahahha

fedhz said...

Yah, oo nga pala tawag rin sakin ni boyfriend, Penguin! haha! Ako naman nagpapaluto ako ng tuyo sa mama ko, dahil gustung gusto ko ung amoy ng mantika, pero ayokong kainin. amoy lang, hehe.

bambie said...

almost same experiences no… i dont know if you’ll agree with me, but what i love here in Japan, as much as possible, they will deliver your child in a natural way.. siguro if ur in the Phil, CS na agad dont you think?… giving birth to our dollies was teh sweetest pain diba

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