Friday, February 20, 2009

A New Home in Stuttgart

I have been rambling on and on about our move to Germany in April. And last week brought us to Germany for an Information Trip. I can say that it was an amazing experience. I've never felt so relaxed and stress-free in looking for a new home that suited our needs... thanks to our kind and patient relocator, Mrs. O.

We went to several houses and apartment units in the Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg area. I think we looked at six different locations during the three days that we spent with Mrs. O. The funny thing is that there was only one unit which we took pictures of. And what do you know... it was the one that we chose, not because we had its pictures but because it was well-equipped.

The spacious living room with a charming blue sofa.

The dining with the round four-seater dining table. Just perfect for our little family.

The built in kitchen complete with fridge, an oven and stove,
a sink, drawers, even pots and pans! Can you see the open space
at the bottom of the left counter? A dishwasher will be installed there just for us. :D

Of course, all the other units were very beautiful and charming, but there was always a flaw that we saw: the laundry is in the basement so that you have to climb stairs or it is not furnished or it is far from the station and health care facilities. But this one apartment unit just has about everything: fully furnished, three bedrooms, a supermarket at the ground floor of the building that is accessible via the flat's elevator service, only a few meters from the U-bahn (subway station), the hospital is just a kilometer away, the shopping street is just around the corner.

It is such a nice feeling that when we arrive Germany, our new home awaits us. And I will not be flooded with the thought that I would have to buy this and that because everything that we need is already there.

I am thankful for the experience. And most thankful for the privilege. Thank you Lord for all these wonderful blessings!


sassy mom said...

It’s always a good experience to find a suitable home. You are really blessed

niko said...

that is one charming house u got there kikamz!!!! green with envy na ko here hahah. but am so happy for u noh!!! u deserve all the blessings dear…

i have msgs for u.. pls teach me how to fold ur used plastic bags.. hubby was laughing at me last night coz am trying to do triangles with our plastic bags.. am so hopeless :(( huhuhuh

Enchie said...

this is quiet an experience for you guys. especially for baby sam ;D congratulations to your family for the new home and a new experience.

Umma said...

Good thing you were able to find a new place in a short period.. at least everything is being ready na once you move over there..

German speaking ka na naman pala soon hahaha.

Juliana said...

Nice crib! Can’t wait to see pics once you’re all moved in.

Musta na?

Euroangel said...

hope na-enjoy mo sa inyo trip diri sa germany…hope to see you one day…
got a tag for you Sis..grab lang if naa ka time…

welcome in Germany soon!! hope you will have a great stay here…tc..Go dbless!!

Twinkie said...

Aw! Naalala ko tuloy nang kami ay nag-house hunt din nang unang salta namin dito. Exciting na nakakapagod pero sa huli worth it naman lahat diba? Super naalala ko talaga sa mga pics mo with Sam noong time namin at ganyan din halos kaliit si Mia nuon. Hay! Anyway, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! :) God bless you guys!

juliana said...

hi! kikamz

it’s been a long time, musta na kayo? ang daming developments. at nakabalik na rin kayo from your trip sa PI. I’m glad to know you had a great time there.

your new place is nice. and it’s good na fully furnished na siya. it does help a lot when one moves na andiyan na lahat ng basic needs. did you buy this ba or provided for ng hubby’s employer?

hala, bilisan mo matuto mag german. that will be really great pag nakalipat na kayo. I wish you good luck and all the best.

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