Monday, February 9, 2009

Transformers II (Act Two)

Sam (Shia LeBeouf) and Mikaela (Megan Fox) run for their lives

As promised, here's Act Two of the plot. Let me reiterate that this may not be the real thing. :D

Act Two
  • Sam and co still heading to Vegas, Shige still unaware of Bumblebee is a robot; watch their dorm destroyed by a giant robot on TV. Sam recognizes that means he is in danger.
  • Creation Matrix is introduced and contained within Prime. The Allspark provides life, the Matrix provides the Transformers with a soul and free will. Without the matrix the Transformers are soulless primal beasts ("hence the cell phone, Xbox and Mountain Dew machine"). Decepticons therefore came from the Allspark and Matrix but used free will "to follow a path of evil". (Very slick and very obvious, I feel pretty stupid for not thinking of this).
  • At this point, Starscream wants the Orb and Megatron wants the Matrix.
  • Meanwhile Sam and co reach the roadblock of traffic from the evacuation of Vegas and come head to head with six construction vehicles...who merge to form Devastator.
  • While trying to escape Ultra Magnus and his car load of Transformers arrive to attack Devastator and defend Sam. Meanwhile Shige pees in his pants (thinking BB wouldn't like that). A vicious battle ensues.
  • Devastator is slowed buying time for a tactical retreat down Route 66 to Vegas (historic American landmark, worth googling).
  • In Vegas, the largest defense force ever assembled is ready as Starscream's faction arrives in protoform.
  • The force is intercepted by protoform Autobots (so three groups of Autobots) resulting in a free-fall battle until forced to break for crashing landing to Earth. The fight is rejoined and moves toward Vegas.
  • Once the fight reaches Vegas, the military learns that the Decepticons no longer effected by the sabot rounds making them ineffective in the battle.
  • The assault continues above ground while below Mikaela watches as Ellison and Simmons wordlessly hatch a plan.
  • Night falls as the Autobots defense of the Luxor barely holds. Reinforcements arrive in the form of Sam and co. pushing back Starscream's faction.
  • Sam and Shige are escorted down below as Skorponok drills through to the underground bunker undetected.
Act Three coming soon...

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