Friday, February 6, 2009

Hip Fashion for ALL

I am not a very fashion-minded person. For as long as something fits me right and I am comfortable in it, I would wear it. I used to wear baby tees in my "small and slim" days, too! They were so comfortable to wear. And being an Engineering student, I tend to be the pants and shirt kind of girl and was inclined to hip fashion. Those were the days...

But there's this lifestyle brand called Baby Phat that has recently caught my attention. It's a collection of sexy, sassy and stylish clothing for hip women of all shapes and sizes: from infant to toddlers.. to teens and juniors and even pluz sizes! They have a wide selection of apparel, accesories, lingerie, handbags, footwear, beauty, and outer wear. And because winter is almost over, they are having a Baby Phat Coats sale at 30% - 50% discount! I especially love the Plaid Drop Waist Coat w/Pleather Detail pictured above. Elegant and stylish at 70% off the original price! If you are looking for some hip and stylish clothing, head on over to BabyPhat.Com for they might have just what you need. Happy shopping!

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