Thursday, February 12, 2009

Something's Amiss

I am dead tired and so sleepy right now! We just got home from our orientation and home-viewing appointments with our very kind and nice relocator Mrs. O. It had been a long day of home viewing, quick sightseeing and orientation about living in Germany. We got the chance to view three houses in different areas today and so far, we have found one that fits our criteria. But there's still more that we need to see over the next two days before deciding which property to rent. Sam also made a new friend named Samuel, an eight-month old German baby when we went to see their house. It was also very cold today... it even snowed a little bit later in the afternoon but it was a very light snow that it was gone when it touched the ground. We also passed by one of the famous palaces in Ludwigsburg during our drive to one of the properties there, so I didn't get the chance to take some photos.

So I know I should be posting photos... but alas, I cannot find our camera anywhere. [Really, I am not making excuses here. :(]Oh no! Where could it be? I hope I didn't leave it somewhere inside the shopping mall. There were lots of memories captured that are just priceless! Not to mention the fact that it's the only trusty camera that we have. I wish Sam just dropped it inside Mrs. O's car.. I really hope it was just there. Because without it, there would be no more photos of our memories here. Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed until tomorrow.

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Kikit said...

murag nakita nimo imong cam k no? :)

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