Friday, February 20, 2009

Mommy Moments: Feeding Time

mommy moments

I sure did miss Mommy Moments last Friday. So, I am making this post in the wee hours of early morning just to be sure that I won't miss it.

Bottle feeding at four months old... She can't grasp her bottle just yet.

This week's theme is Feeding Time. I do enjoy feeding my baby Samantha since she was a baby. Sometimes, she can be fussy but she is very good and calm most of the time. She loves her milk warm, even on a very hot summer day so that I am always with a hot water thermos each time we go out of the house.

Holding them properly now at 9 months.

She loves eating her snacks of wafers, rice biscuits, tamago (egg) balls and vegetable crackers too. Her meals are mostly composed of rice and mashed vegetables... but even if it is just rice, she would eat it happily, with her hands clapping. She also likes to eat fruits: oranges, apples, bananas. But fruit juices are a No-no. She would of course taste them and then she would show her sour face at me and I would LOL because it reminds me of the MukhAsim ad on TV. I do like to keep her clean when she feeds but I sometimes let her be especially if she's enjoying her food. I do hope she won't be a picky eater when she grows older, and that she'll handle her food well.

Samantha's first dining experience at Coco's Restaurant
when she was six months old.

Eating her rice crackers... Messy at six months and so serious at 10 months.
Nakataas pa ang isang kilay. Mataray! Hehe!

I am looking forward to the day when she can finally eat on her own, using her spoon and fork properly and with grace. But for now, I revel at the thought of spoon-feeding her... Knowing that there is someone totally dependent on you is such an awesome feeling.

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earthlinggorgeous said...

She looks like she have a great appetite, eating lots of fruits and vegetable is good! Love the pics she is so adorable.

Hope you can visit mine too :) Happy weekend!

chris said...

that is great… just remember to feed her with veggies while she is young so she doesn’t become picky :)

Twinkie said...

My in-laws are firm believers of warm milk. :) I sure hope Samantha will pass the stage of being picky. My daughter didn’t sadly. But she’s eating Tilapia and butternut squash now. :)

fedhz said...

Ohayou! Yup.. ako rin.. habol lang ako minsan sa Mommy Moments.. kahit super late na, post pa rin.

Baby ko naman kahit malamig okay lang sa kanya. kahit straight from the ref ang milk, inom pa rin. nakakatuwa kapag marunong na silang mag subo mag-isa. hehe

Gin said...

looks like she really enjoy her rice cracker. :)

Tetcha said...

It’s good that your baby likes to eat fruits. I wish I could say the same for my son. You see, he doesn’t like eating fruits. When we give him banana, he would just spit it out. The same with mangoes and oranges. Can we exchange links, by the way?

Mai said...

Hello! nice to see that your baby has a great appetite as well. By the way, what brand of vegetable crackers do you give your baby?

pehpot said...

well it seems that she would not a be a picky eater when she grows up.. ang takaw on the pics hehe
My kids never give me some head aches during theirfeeding time, kaya lang they never get to gain much weight.. hyper active kase LOL

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