Friday, June 4, 2010

A Summer to Remember

We are still waiting for summer to arrive here in Germany and so we haven't gone around to having our summer getaway yet, which reminds me. I still need to prepare for our travel itinerary this summer since Hubby's parents are coming over for a visit. They will be arriving on the 24th of June and we are excited to them.

So I would rather blog about our previous summer getaway. We took a three-week summer vacation last year and being new here in Europe, we wanted to see everything at once! And it was an adventure for us since we went around three countries in three weeks. It was indeed a summer to remember because we got to visit lots of historical places and witnessed some historical events. We went to Vienna and Linz in Austria, Landshut and Berchtesgaden in Bavaria, Germany, Venice, Rome and Vatican City in Italy.

There was the beautiful Schonbrunn castle and Stephansdom in Vienna, a festival in Linz, the salt tunnels and Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgaden, St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, the Landshuter Hochzeit in Landshut, the Gondola ride in Venice, the Colloseum in Rome.

It was also Summer 2009 when we purchased Niki, our DSLR so that we can take nicer photos.

I don't know yet where we are off to for this summer but I know it will still be another great adventure for the family. I know that it will always be special because the whole family is together.

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Dee said...

Wow, very nice! It must be so nice living in Europe, you are near to all the beautiful places. Buti ka pa, hehe. =)

Hope you have a lovely summer this year! Can't wait to see pics. :)

Have a great weekend!

seth said...

Wow! i think it'll be fun having vacation there in Germany :-) How i wish...hahahah!

Chris said...

grand vacation!! i wish someday i can go there too!

kimmy said...

AWESOME pictures!

Willa said...

That's what I love about Europe! You can travel to many countries in such a short span of time. some countries are only a train ride away from one country to another. :0

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