Monday, June 7, 2010

TCP Themes for June

Oh my gosh! I can't believe I overlooked posting the themes for Tuesday Couch Potatoes for this month and we are already on our 2nd Tuesday! Forgive me for my blunder. Anyway, it is never too late so here are the rest of the themes for June's Tuesday Couch Potatoes:

June 8: Computer Geeks 101
Any movie pertaining to computers and information technology. It could be about hacking, virtual terrorism, use of IT in solving crimes, or super computers ruling the society.

June 15: The 3D Experience
Post about a movie that you have seen on 3D. Share with us how the movie was as seen on the 3D perspective and of course, what the movie was about.

June 22: Genetically Engineered
With the advancement of science and technology came man's quest to genetically engineer plants, animals and even human beings with the purpose of making life better. But things can sometimes go diabolically wrong. Share with us here movies about the instances I just stated, about cloning and even about mutants.

June 29: Matt Damon Movies
To all of you who love the guy and the characters that he portray, this theme is for you. Post any Matt Damon movie that you have seen or want to see.

That's it Couchers! Those are the themes for this month. I hope to see you all! I am still cooking up something for another TCP giveaway so watch out for it!

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