Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Charming Little Town

We went to a small town in Bamberg last Saturday to celebrate the Santacruzan with our Filipino friends. Because we arrived early, we still had ample time to explore the town and have a little sightseeing.

It was a very charming place. Most of the streets were cobblestones and the houses that lined the street were in the old German style, called Fachwerkhaus. There were benches in between houses too so that one can rest for a while especially on a very hot day.

The town is located near the famous River Regnitz, and there were ferries passing by from time to time. These ducks were enjoying the day too. An elderly just fed them with bread. Too bad we didn't bring along bread with us. We didn't expect a lot of these ducks waiting for us.

There were odd things to be found in this quaint small town too such as this old building whose other end seem to have shrunk,

or this plant stand that is very reminiscent of the manananggal.

The town is very easy to navigate and walking along the streets somehow takes you back to the olden days when horses still walk the streets and quaint little shops are the city's landmarks.


Clarissa said...

lol @ manananggal!!ang ganda ganda talaga ng views dyan noh?Ang sarap pati mag strolling.Nice to have a quiet walk tapos stop over sa open cafe shops^_^

Chris said...

wow, this looks like a nice place to go to :)

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