Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do You Pay Express?

In some stores here, especially the very big and busy ones, waiting in line in order to be able to pay can sometimes be a pain. Especially if you have a tired, hungry and whining baby in tow and you have a lot of stuff to pay for, waiting in line is that last thing you would ever do. Sometimes, tempers rise and sometimes, cashiers can be too slow.

That's why I try to avoid long lines whenever I can and choose to pay in the express lanes, where I can scan my purchased items myself using a hand-held bar code scanner like the Symbol LS2208. At first, I didn't know how to use them but they are actually very easy. You just hold the scanner, point it to the bar code and then press the trigger-like button. The LED light will indicate if the product has been scanned properly. RED if it is not yet scanned. GREEN if it is already scanned. Just a few minutes into scanning my items and I am already done. Wow, that was fast!

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