Wednesday, September 2, 2009

G is for Gondolas

Venice has always been one of my dream destinations and it finally came through one fine day. This famed city with canals for streets is just glorious, day or night. Our visit was of course culminated with a ride on the traditional Venetian transportation, the gondola. There is just something romantic and wonderful with gondola rides. And I often associate them as a culmination of a romantic date.

Gondolas moored at the Grand Canal.

Gondolas and a view of the Santa Maria della Salute

A gondola ride comes with a hefty price at €80 for a 40-minute tour and €100 for an hour tour, but if it your first time in Venice, taking a tour down the Grand Canal, which we learned is 5-meter deep) or the smaller canals (which are 2-meter deep) is well worth it! The gondoliers, who are Venetian locals and can speak sensible English, will tell you lots of information about the City that you will never learn from elsewhere too!

The family with our gondolier, Marco.

Cruising through the smaller canals offered lots of views of old houses, residences, palaces and schools.

Our dashing gondolier.

Gondolas here, there, and everywhere!

I hope you enjoyed our Gondola tour. Want to see more GREAT G's? Click on the badge below!


genejosh said...

waaaahhhh..di pa ako nakasakay ng gondola!!! I taught this one lang pero iba kung maexperience ko di ba?..he..he..naku sis pasensya talaga di pa ako nakajoin ng meme kasi I'm not feeling well the past days..Kumusta?

Have a happy day!

BTW sis baka interested ka maging one of my sponsors sa coming contest ko here: would be an honor to have you..Thanks...

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Enchie said...

I really admire your travels Kamz! those places are my dream destinations. Post more :D

jay said...

Oh, that's something I'd LOVE to do! Such beautiful photos!

One day, maybe I'll take that trip. :)

Roger Owen Green said...

I want my own gondolier!

Star Villanueva said...

I've always wanted to visit Venice but unfortunately I don't have flights there yet.. Thanks for sharing the pics! Very nice!

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