Friday, June 4, 2010

Eat Right to Live Right

Today we are bombarded with lots of unhealthy food. The many marketing campaigns such as FREE toys in kiddie meals menus and the mouth-watering posters for sundaes and food loaded with cholesterol and carbohydrates that translate to thousands of calories all make them more enticing. It is no wonder why there are lots of digestive illnesses prevalent among the general population.

At this day and age, necessary that we be cautious of what we eat. If we want to stay healthy and alive at an older age, we should change our lifestyle and start to eat right. Instead of french fries and sundaes for snacks, why not have fruits, or vegetable salad and crackers, and freshly prepared juice instead? Eating food rich in fibers and antioxidants is very good as colon cleanse treatment.

It is also recommended to have a regular medical check-up especially when you reach the age of 35 or so. Regular exercise along with a healthy diet are guaranteed to help you live lighter and happier. And as they always say, START TODAY!

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