Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's My OC-ness Kicking In

I have been complaining to Hubby about not being able to work properly once my little one wakes up. Yes, I am no longer effective with my online tasks so that I become grumpy the moment Hubby comes home from work. So he suggested that we move my work station from our "office" room to the living room so that Samantha has a companion when she plays or wants to watch her favorite cartoons.

So far, the trick worked. I can work with my online tasks for an hour or so without interruptions until she gets bored and decides that she needs a playmate, and that's me. Things are doing fine for me except that I find my current work table too small and my paper files becoming more and more of a nightmare because I haven't done much filing lately. I know that I have to act fast or else I will lose track of these important files. But I am too busy to even go downtown and purchase some decent office furniture and office supplies. The next best thing to do? Let the fingertips do the shopping and shop online of course!

I am now taking a short break from my tasks and looking at Viking Direct for some much needed office supplies. I am glad that they also have an online store for Germany customers so that I won't have any problems with shipping and handling. Wish me luck on my orders! I hope I don't go over budget. :D

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