Wednesday, June 23, 2010

For Our Viewing Pleasure

I love to watch movies but because I am limited to watching movies here at home, I might as well have a movie experience similar to that in cinemas. We have movie marathons every now and then, especially weekend nights and then a movie once or twice a week, depending on our moods. We rent a movie online and it arrives by post so that there is no need for us to go out. For our favorites, we usually buy a copy of the film. I sometimes prepare popcorn or chips and then some drinks or ice cream if I feel like it. We can darken our living room by rolling down the shutters to set the mood.

We have a wide LCD TV just big enough for us to clearly watch the action, which by the way came with the house when we got here. I have one problem though. Our tv stand seems too small for our tv. I should search for tv stands where I can put our tv, media receivers and blue ray player, dvd & bd collections and then some home accessories in. Once I have that, I can stop bugging hubby to treat me for a movie. Why go to movies when you can enjoy it at home, right? It will also make one side of our wall "un-empty", if there is such a word. I think it would also be an investment should we decide to stay here. We wouldn't have to buy another tv stand when we move to another house.


rossel said...

kami sis, bihira lang talagang manood sa movie house. mas masarap kase sa bahay e, kahit nakahiga pwede.

kamz said...

sinabi mo mommy.. mas masarap talaga sa bahay.. pde mo pa irewind pag meron ka di masyado na gets na conversation. di ba?

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