Friday, June 4, 2010

Photographs & Memories

I have been digging through my photo archives and realized that have I already amassed tons of valuable photos. And I know that I have to act fast if I do not want to be buried alive in them. Hehe! Kidding aside, I know that I will have to back-up these photos and save them in separate CDs so that I have separate copies in case my external hard drive will die out on me, a scenario that I hope God will forbid.

Photographs are worth a thousand words.

If only one can have their photos insured, that would make life much better. I am sure if this is the case, I would have already searched for insurance quotes and would have probably had my photos insured. Well, not all of them but a selected valuable ones like my little daughter's baby photos, some of our travel photos and photos with family and friends. So I am also planning to make digital backups by uploading my photos online. That would also make it easier for me to link and photos in my blog posts.

Looking at my photos brought back memories of days gone by. Too bad I have very few photos with me from my growing up years in the Philippines. I hope I can get copies of them when given the opportunity to visit home. That would be another project in the making. Speaking of which, I still have so many photobook and yearbook projects clamoring for my attention.

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